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    We Collaborate with Agencies and Brands – We Jump In at the Start – We Create Big Ideas – We Elevate Small Ones – We Look at the Entire Marketing Mix – We Bring Solutions – We Ask “Why?” – We Answer It


    We Turn Strategies Into Stories – We Think – We Feel – We Imagine – We Concept – We Write – We Re-Write We Storyboard – We Art Direct – We Provide Vision – We Inspire – We Look at Things Differently – We Help Get You There Too


    We Are Soup to Nuts – We Orchestrate – We Scout – We Cast – We Shoot – We Cut - We Build Up – We Trim Down - We Create Flow – We Thread Story Where There is Not – We Animate – We Color – We Mix – We Re-Mix – We Polish the Story – We Do It Until It’s Right


How we do it


A business process is a collection of structured activities or tasks that produce a service or product for a particular customer or customers.


A business process is a collection of structured activities or tasks that produce a service or product for a particular customer or customers.


A business process is a collection of structured activities or tasks that produce a service or product for a particular customer or customers.

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May have multiple personality disorder, being a creative visionary, editing supervisor, and part time cruise director. Amazingly economical in his output as he doesn’t sleep and runs on soy.

Iain Harris

Chief Creative

Raised by PR heavyweights, Shawna’s natural spark and go-go attitude translates into “getting it done” on-time, under budget and with charm. “Oh my golly".

Shawna WIlliams

Studio Manager

Think you have what it takes? HYPE is always looking for inspired artist to join our team.


Next HYPE Teammate

  • “There are two types of creativity — artistic vision and ingenuity — and Iain Harris consistently delivers both. It is rare to find partners who mesh creatively so quickly and who can capture that vision while remaining open and adaptable . I have walked away from every shoot of HYPE’s more convinced of their truly unique talent and skill set. As a rapidly growing business, our needs and demands change almost daily and HYPE has both worked and delivered in every different scenario presented to them. Their calm and can-do attitude is an exceptional quality in this industry, and it is what keeps them as my first call when any new opportunity arises.”

    EVAN DEWALT, Brand Director, Partner at EvoShield

  • “Iain is top of my “go to” list. HYPE always brings enthusiasm, ingenuity and passion to the project. And don’t let their youthful glow fool you, they posses production savvy beyond their years. They have the experience and the stories to back this up, just ask them. HYPE always delivers beyond expectation , and our expectations are always high. A better lens, an additional angle we will appreciate when editing, a composite to cover something in the background . . .. just one more . . . . . . that ’s the Hype way."

    AMY KRAUSE, Freelance Executive Agency Producer

  • “We don’t say this often about a partner , but We’re hyped! It’s a welcome relief to have a production team that consistently takes your vision and not only brings it to life, but makes it better than you had ever conceptualized. Iain really wraps his mind around the story you want to tell, and then spins it in a stunning visual and auditory product. Better yet, HYPE does it with humility and integrity. Try getting that out of L.A.!”

    GREG SHOMAN, VP of Marketing, SKLZ

  • "I've been working with Hype for nearly 5 years spanning over two companies, and there is a long list of reasons why I keep recommending them to colleagues and friends. Flexibility—Hype can deliver big budget productions (and they love doing them) but more importantly they are also just as willing to LISTEN and remain agile to meet your business objectives whatever the budget calls for. The world moves fast, and so do they..there are no bureaucracies or agendas to deal with. They can ramp up, ramp down as necessary, and represent the model agencies and houses should pay more attention to. Reliability—over the course of literally hundreds of videos, I cannot remember a time when they did not deliver on time and exceed my expectations. Creativity—contemporary, understanding of what looks and feeeeels good, a very broad spectrum of creative potential, Hype is a proverbial swiss army knife of artistic possibilities. They seek to understand what a brand wants to do and where it needs to go, and adapt accordingly so that video moves your brand forward into another dimension. Overall, Hype is just gifted, and cool and humble enough to call up any time and knock around ideas with zero pretentiousness or expectations attached."

    Scott Curry, VP of Marketing, American Council on Exercise